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From today onwards, we are going to release an article a week to put the spotlight on the most popular product from the week before. The goal for this series is to give you insight on what is popular amongst our customers and to elaborate why it is.

For this week's product of the week we have Papa Recipe’s ‘Bombee Honey Mask’.

The Bombee Honey mask is soaked with honey essence and propolis extract. This honey mask attracts moisture to your face like bees to honey and ensures your skin looks fresher and younger-looking.

What can you expect from this product?
Papa Recipe’s ‘Bombee Honey Mask' has antioxidants such as ginger root extract and green tea leaf extract. Research have shown that these ingredients have anti-inflammatory effect and therefore soothes the skin. More skin-soothing ingredients from this mask includes, but not limited to, Panthenol. This ingredient is an oldie but goodie, it soothes the skin and it is a humectant, meaning it moisturizes the skin.

Another key ingredient is Liquorice Root Extract. Liquorice is a skincare superstar because it has depigmenting properties.

Try the sheet mask out for yourself.

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December 09, 2021 — Connie Cheng